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Jeff Lukes //
Opus Mei


Smart Slide Coloring

Notice how the controls & caption color changed on this slide?
Just another exclusive feature that adds functionality and sex appeal.

Carefully Crafted Design

For years, I’ve developed striking communications for my clients’ unique needs. I dive deep to make sure design decisions are based on sound brand strategy with the end goal, and result, of their brands being both seen and remembered.

Spot-on Production

I have the production knowledge to back up even the most complex design solutions, from print collateral to environmental signage. Poor production can ruin even the most beautiful concept.

Keeping Up…

Trends are constantly emerging. I make a point of looking out for what’s on the horizon, both technologically and creatively in order to serve my clients more effectively.

The Sky Is the Limit

I can help you take your organization’s communications to the next level. Whether it’s a brand refresh, a brochure design, or a website, good design is good business. So that means great design is…