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¡Poco Torteria!

By New Work, Thought for Food

IMG_4987I finally had a chance to make a trip to Avanti Food and Beverage to check out Poco Torteria. I had the pleasure of working with KTM Restaurant Group on the branding—everything from the restaurant logo to the signage and menu design—and I was excited to finally see it in action. The sandwiches were freaking delicious, the fries were great and, to top things off, the Bar at Avanti serves the largest selection of Dogfish Head beers on tap around. A Pollo Chimichurri and a Namaste later I was happy and full. The signage and menus turned out better than I could hope for. ALl in all a great trip and I’ll be back soon.

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It’s about time!

By New Work

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything to the bog…it’s been a busy year so far! I’m pretty excited about where thing are going at I. Last year was a great year. In addition to some of the more regular projects that we work on—web sites, brochures and logos—we had the pleasure of working on some new types projects. Read More

New Pinche Salsa Packaging

By New Work

We’re always excited to try new things, so when Pinche Tacos approached I to help with packaging their new line of salsas, we jumped at the chance! They have some amazing salsas so we knew we had to make an equally kick-ass label…and I think we delivered. Focusing on the fresh ingredients, I wrote copy to emphasize the quality and attitude of the salsa, including a unique way to integrate the heat level in the layout.  With the text at the forefront, and killer  photography and design backing it up, we think it’s a bottle that anyone will pick up off the shelf. Check out the work HERE.

Next time you’re at Pinche, you should pick some up!

Fall Horseshoe Market this Saturday!

By Events

We wanted to remind everybody that the Fall Horseshoe Market is this Saturday, October 4th, from 9am–4pm. It’s super-fun and you’ll always find something unique! Plus, we love to support our local clients every chance we get, so join in! More information HERE.

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