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Sometimes Beauty Comes from Ugliness…

By Quotes, Sustainability

This isn’t a normal design blog entry. It’s not about business, marketing or personal interests in the normal sense. However, I must say that this poem/video about bullying by poet SHANE KOYCZAN is communication in it’s most persuasive and beautiful form. Visually, it’s stunning and there’s no mistaking the message. Read More

Best Global Green Brands

By Knowledge, Sustainability

sustFor more than a decade, Interbrand,  the global branding agency, has published their list of Best Global Brands. For the last three years they have singled out what they feel are the 50 Best Global GREEN Brands (click here to go to survey). Moving forward this is going to become an important indicator of overall brand health as companies continue to realize that sustainability isn’t just something that nice people do, but also has the ability to dramatically enhance the bottom line whether through energy savings, increased market perception, better longevity…what have you. Read More